Places of Worship

Places of Worship should be places of peace and solace, but that isn’t always the case-they are not immune to the verbal disruptions and even physical violence that we see in so many other venues. Sometimes, as in the case of disgruntled members, current or former employees, or even domestic strife that makes its way into your assembly, those disturbances come from within; other times they come from without, as in the case of protestors who might intentionally attempt to cause disruptions because they disagree with the mission of your organization. 

Regardless of the source of verbal conflict, the solution is the same: employing the skillful and professional use of words to reduce or eliminate the conflict before it blows up into something even bigger-maybe even something violent. The skills offered by Verbal Judo are invaluable for your staff and volunteers in accomplishing that when they might encounter verbal conflict. Being able to de-escalate an emotionally charged situation before it grows into something bigger is always a better option than scrambling to deal with it once it’s exploded into something possibly too great to handle with just words. Furthermore, the professional verbal skills and techniques taught by Verbal Judo will better communicate the care and compassion that your organization wants to portray to others both inside and outside your house of worship. 

Our Place of Worship Instructors

Rev. Joshua M. Czyz, MATS

Associate Instructor, USA


• Chaplain for:

            • Law Enforcement 

            • Emergency Services

            • Corrections

            • Healthcare

• Critical Incident Stress Management / Crisis Intervention

• Peer Support 

School Safety

• Leadership

• Pastor / Church Ministry 

Curtis J. Smith

Associate Instructor, USA


• Parks and Recreation 

• Natural and Cultural Resources   

• Healthcare

• Business 

• Leadership

• Instructor Trainer

• One on One