Our Instructors

Gerson Henriquez

Associate Instructor, Latin America

Gerson was born in El Salvador during the height of a 12-year civil war and immigrated to Los Angeles, California. He Joined the Air Force shortly after high school in response to the 2001 September 11 attacks. He is a consummate professional with 20 years of military experience versed in strategic planning and tactical application of personnel and resources in multiple complex environments.  He learned Verbal Judo in the Air Force and used the strategies during his military career as he traveled to 35 countries, supporting combat and non-combat operations.  He dedicated more than half of his military career working in Latin America as a security cooperation consultant–assessing, advising, assisting, supporting, and equipping partner nations. Gerson is a leader who can provide a shared vision of where the organization is heading and what its purpose is, set objectives and convert the strategic vision into performance outcomes, and generate and develop strategic guidance to achieve desired objectives.

Gerson graduated Summa Cum Laude and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Management with a concentration in Leadership.  His hobbies include fishing, camping, and hiking with his two dogs.