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One day courses (good)

The one-day course offers the fundamental knowledge and strategies necessary to improve communication. We realize that scheduling personnel for a two-day seminar is often challenging, so we offer our condensed option during which most of the material is covered.  Although it is very condensed and does not allow as much time as the two-day course for role plays, instructor feedback, and video examples, many institutions still find great value in this condensed program. In addition to our Verbal Judo Contact professional course, we have one day courses in leadership, contacts with the mentally ill, classroom de-escalation and resolving organization conflict.  

One on One

Whether you are looking to rapidly improve your ability to de-escalate tense encounters, or are seeking to help an employee archive better outcomes, you may want to consider one on one training with one of our Verbal Judo Associates. This course is designed to create a more approachable learning environment for those who are ready to take the next step in fine tuning their communication skills. We will work with you to create training sessions which address your specific needs and guide you through our de-escalation program. One of the key benefits of this approach is the focus on role playing scenarios. After equipping you with de-escalation strategies, your instructor will guide you through multiple role playing scenarios. This instant customized feedback is not available during group workshops.

One on one training is provided in two hour segments via an online webinar for your convenience. We offer individual one on one training sessions with a minimum of two hours. The cost per two-hour segment is $1,000.00. If you choose to attend four segments, the cost per two-hour segment will decrease to $875.00. If pursuing this option strengthens your ability to communicate with others and eliminates just one negative high profile incident, it is more than worth the time and money. 

Two day courses (better)

The two-day course builds upon the information delivered in the one-day course and provides the opportunity for students to practice learned skills an open and safe setting. We have found the two-day seminar to be very effective at changing behavior due to the time allotted for practical scenarios and group exercises.  Additionally, the two-day course allows the instructor and the students more time to focus on the needs of individual students.

Three day courses (best)

The three day course focuses on the entire organization starting with a one-day supervisory course followed by two-days of training for line staff. Participants gain all of the benefits of the one and two-day courses. Additionally, the management team is familiar with Verbal Judo concepts and and can support their staff as it is used in the organization.

Four day instructor courses

The four-day agency instructor course is designed for organizations who will be doing frequent Verbal Judo refresher courses internally. Instructors certified in this course are limited to teaching only at their respective agency. We host several instructor courses throughout the year. We offer agency specific instructor courses if the host can guarantee 10 participants.

Speaking Engagements, Webinars and Hybrid Courses

We have courses specifically designed for law enforcement, business, education, medical and leadership. Each course has the flexibility to cater to a range of skill sets within your team. For most courses, we come to you, so your team is in a familiar learning environment. If your organization deals with people, we have a verbal judo course to suit.

Verbal Judo courses are available from one to four days. We also do keynote speaking engagements and can create customized courses.

Our instructors are often asked to be keynote speakers and give shorter presentations at large events and conferences. If you are seeking a Verbal Judo instructor for such an occasion please contact us with the details.   

If you need specific training which does not fit into the above time-frames, we can partner with you to create a customized webinar or hybrid course for your organization.

De-escalation Through Intervention

This 21st Century based program is taught by experienced officers with decades of street and court experience. The training combines the proven techniques of Verbal Judo de-escalation, procedural justice, and neuroscience in new and realistic ways to address the needs of officers to de-escalate potentially disastrous incidents through intervention. The class includes verbal, proximal, and physical strategies to intercede when another officer is situationally, emotionally, or cognitively compromised. Using case studies and thoughtful class discussion, students examine several high-profile incidents where officers failed to intervene in calls which later resulted civil and or criminal liability for the officer and agency. This course outlines strategies for individual officers and agencies to create better outcomes and prevent future high-profile incidents through preplanning. 

“This training was invaluable and crucial for our office, and will be valuable for any law enforcement agency in these changing times. Thank you for working with us to get it scheduled with ease, and for putting together such a well thought out and easy to follow curriculum. Refreshing our Verbal Judo skills, leading into the neuroscience behind human behavior, and giving us law enforcement guardians training on skills to intervene while watching out for our colleagues was a brilliant way to layout the training. Thank you Mike, Sgt. Ziggy,  for being a compassionate, thoughtful, and entertaining instructor.”

– Sheriff L. Shane Nelson, Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

Join over one million people

Verbal Judo Institute has equipped over a million individuals with the necessary skills to redirect behavior and generate voluntary compliance. Increased personal safety and enhanced professionalism are the primary goals of our training. We offer several courses specifically designed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.