"This is the best training I have ever attended. The tools I have learned will be useful in every aspect of my life!" - Brandi C.

"This class should be taught everywhere!" - Joshua M.

"I really liked the real life examples shared by the instructors." - Ray G.

"I thoroughly enjoyed that the instructors expertise and utilization of real life examples to convey the lessons." - Elliot M.

"I feel safer doing my job, now that i've had this training, I look forward to sharing this knowledge with other staff." - Owen C.

"Instructors were personable and easy to interact with" - Michael J.

"VJ is a game changer." - Andrew S.

"This is the best de-escalation class i've ever taken in the 13 years i've worked for the courts. It was interesting & engaging." - Kristine C.

"Made me realize how important it is to teach new police officers to speak to people" - Vincent C.

"Great class, very informational and Mike made the material very easy to understand. There is nothing I would change." - Nicholas S.

"I feel as though the material is extremely applicable to all." - Mike F.

"About as perfect as it gets to life training." - Heath J.

"I truly enjoyed the course. I learned a lot! and the instructors were great! They made the class fun and easy to learn." - Alejandra G.

"Great job, interactive for students, kept everyone engaged throughout the course." - Mike B.

"Great speakers, I will remember and use the 5 universal truths." - Pedro G.

"Everything was perfect! Just keep doing it with the passion that you guys have." - Eric M.

"Instructors were on point and very professional." - Pita S.

"I absolutely love everything about this program! I plan to use the 8-step & 5-step immediately." - Nicholas P.

"Verbal Judo is applicable to all professions, as well as personal relationships." - Brian N.

"The course, instruction, content, and delivery were top notch" - Kevin B.

"Lessons and tools provided in this course are fantastic!" - Daniel H.

"This training can save lives." - Kevin M.

"Excellent class, far exceeded my expectations." - Ryan D.

"I really enjoyed all of the examples/experiences, much more relatable vs. other courses i've taken." - Katie H.

"Instructor went out of his way to include class members and personalize the material. Very effective." - Peter D.

"I think the class is excellent. The material and the information is relative to most environments and situations. This is something I will use on my job as well as in my family." - Tamara B.

"This training is excellent. Not just for professional use but can be used in personal life with spouses, kids, and public." - Lytricia T.

"This training can apply to every person I interact with at work and home." - Michael M.

"To be honest, I was voluntold to attend this training. I missed my son's 7th birthday to attend this training but as i'm writing this today i am grateful that i got to attend." - Scott C.

"All applicable techniques, amazing delivery, hard for something to be perfect but pretty much did it." - Brandy C.

"This system is comprehensive and directly applies to my work." - Justin J.

"Verbal Judo will assist me in various aspects of my life, not only at work." Joshua M.

"Extremely relevant to my daily duties. I connected with materials personally and professionally. There was zero unnecessary material or irrelevant information. I will use everything I learned on a weekly and daily basis. Most useful and comprehensive training I have ever received in 3 years in division." - Deborah R.

"The workbook was a great training aid to help tie the material together. The instructors stories of Verbal Judo application helped drive the material and affirm its legitimacy." - Brandon S.

"The materials are great resources." - Fernando C.

"The class is excellent! Everyone in my agency should be required to take this class." - Steve W.

"Everything is top notch! Can not wait to take this information back to my agency! Awesome job!" - Noe B.

"Doug and Ziggy were incredible! It was the most fun i have had in a class and learned a tremendous skill." - Jon H.

"The term S.A.F.E.R. is amazing and cant wait to pass this information along to my peers along with I.A.M.O." - Martin G.

"This course was not what I expected. I thought that it was designed to plead / beg with others to comply and use flowers / rainbows, I was wrong! This course will improve my safety, the safety of my co-workers and the safety of the public. It will also help protect my reputation and my agency. It has opened my mind and my eyes. Thank you." - R. Ermeri

"Very knowledgeable instructors, kept content interesting and fun the whole time." - Andrew F.