Our Instructors

Curtis J. Smith

Associate Instructor, USA


  • Born in LA, grew up in a gang/violence urban setting through grade school. Moved to remote town of Lakeview, OR through High School, became cowboy (ranching/rodeo)
  • Worked for the Bureau of Land Management as crew boss fighting fire and other forestry projects, also a private Building Contractor in Willamette Valley employed 3 crews

32-year Oregon Park and Recreation Department career

  1. Ranger at Silver Falls and the Cove Palisades State Parks in the Willamette Valley and Central Oregon
  2. Asst Manager @ Farewell Bend District (Idaho boarder)
  3. Salem HQ – Operations Analyst, legislative liaison
  4. North Coast Coordinator – Beach Ranger, Land use coordinator, planner
  5. Ranger Exchange – Asst. mgr. and Warden at Cleland Wildlife Park in South Australia
  6. District Manager – for parks in Deschutes, Lake, Baker, Grant, Malheur, and Harney Counties
  7. Regional Operations Support Manager – for Central, Eastern and Southern Oregon

Park Trainer highlights:

  1. Lead internal trainer 15 years for Verbal Judo and Defensive Tactics, DPSST certified
  2. Lead trainer for Ranger and Manager leadership program
  3. Chair of POST Academy and overall agency enforcement program including officer recertification and defensive tactics.
  4. Statewide Operations Training and Development Manager

Verbal Judo Institute, National Instructor

  • Certified agency Verbal Judo Instructor for 17 years studied under Dr. George Thompson and Doug Haig for the Verbal Judo Institute.
  • National Instructor for the Verbal Judo Institute providing training to all levels of government agencies. Specializing in rule enforcement, natural resource protection, private security, First Nations and Tribal enforcement. Also customize for business, industry, health care and airlines.



Avid golfer, archer, & scuba diver. Married 36 years, 2 grown sons, 1 granddaughter. Overall, I love helping organizations and individuals achieve excellence.