Our Instructors

Associate Instructor, USA

Sean O’Neill is a Senior Police Officer in Des Moines, Iowa. He serves as the Verbal Judo and Tactical Communications instructor for the Des Moines Regional Police Academy and is a certified Law Enforcement Instructor through the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and the FBI. He is a Hostage / Crisis Negotiator with the Metro Special Tactics and Response (S.T.A.R) Team.

Sean graduated with honors and obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology from Coastal Carolina University in 2014 and obtained his Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Upper Iowa University in 2018. Sean is a passionate Verbal Judo advocate. Sean knows Verbal Judo has contributed to his successful career in Law Enforcement and beyond. It is for that reason; he is committed to delivering Verbal Judo to a new generation of officers and citizens in a fun and insightful manner. When Sean is not teaching Verbal Judo or working as a police Officer, he enjoys doing stand-up comedy.