Our Instructors

La Cretia Evans

Associate Instructor, USA

La Cretia began her professional career at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC), supervising risk management programs that covered over 10,000 employees. She later became the Tax Assessor for the Grand Tower, Sand Ridge, and Pomona Multi-Township, where she served two terms. She later moved to Las Vegas and applied her experience to the hospitality and gaming industry.

Since 2005, La Cretia has held director positions overseeing risk management, safety, and security at major Las Vegas, Nevada casinos. She currently works for JW Marriott/Rampart Casino as Director of Risk Management and Safety. La Cretia is a Certified Health and Safety Practitioner and teaches a wide variety of programs for her casino.

For the last several years, she has been teaching casino managers and line staff how to use Verbal Judo de-escalation in a cohesive and integrated approach to standardize de-escalation training casino wide.