Our Instructors

Kevin W. Price

Associate Instructor, USA

Kevin was introduced to Verbal Judo (VJ) in 1990 while employed with Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD).  It was a class organized by the Oregon State Police and taught by Doc Thompson… “It was the first class I attended, early in my career, which forced me to look at myself and how I could better handle rule enforcement as it related to my job.” Kevin was employed with OPRD for 34+ years and retired in 2018 as a Region Manager.  During his years with OPRD, Kevin was both an internal and external VJ trainer for over 20 years.  He also held the chairperson position for OPRD’s “Professional Officer’s Safety Training” which is a two week course for certification of citation authority but more importantly, emphasis VJ concepts.  In 2017 Kevin started working part time for the VJ Institute. An avid golfer, gym rat and enjoys the outdoors.  But most important is family and friends. “I love providing this training to organizations and individuals because I understand the value and benefits it affords.”