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The mission of the Verbal Judo Institute is to create a S.A.F.E.R.© world by delivering practical and easy to learn strategies which empower people to effectively de-escalate conflict and potential violence.

The Five Universal Truths

All people want to be treated with dignity and respect.

All people want to be asked rather than being told to do something.

All people want to be told why they are being asked to do something.

All people want to be given options rather than threats.

All people want a second chance.

Dr. George Thompson, Our Founder

We’ve trained over a million law enforcement officers, security, military and correctional professionals how to de-escalate potentially violent situations verbally.

We do business with people.  When there is a problem the right words keep valuable clients, the wrong words lose them.

Learn techniques to skillfully handle classroom disruptions with poise and professionalism.

If you do not have the right skills for dealing with interpersonal conflict you will be less effective with your patients and limit your professional opportunities.

The ingredients of leadership are ethics, values and the right words.


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Verbal Judo Institute has equipped over a million individuals with the necessary skills to redirect behavior and generate voluntary compliance. Increasing personal safety and enhancing professionalism are the primary goals of our training. We offer several courses specifically designed to meet the needs of a diverse clientele. 

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