Our Instructors

Doug Haig

Associate instructor, usa

Douglas J. Haig joined the institute in 1991 at the personal request of Dr. Thompson and began his “Under Study” work with “Rhino” Thompson in earnest. Possessing a style of training that complimented his own, George chose Doug to travel with him and team-teach all of his Instructor Classes for the last three years of his life. Doug’s sense of humor was invaluable during the years George battled throat cancer and is incalculable still. His presentation style of injecting humor, excitement and thoughtfulness into each of his training sessions will ensure George Thompson’s memory will never fade. In addition to teaching hundreds of his own training sessions, Doug worked together closely with “Doc” when they created the Verbal Judo “Nuggets” audio series, still available for sale today. Doug Haig brought to the Verbal Judo Institute a background of over thirty years of skill in police work and Law Enforcement and Military training experience. As a valuable member of “Doc” Thompson’s original Verbal Judo Team, his insight has helped shape and refine the Verbal Judo program and will continue to do so well into the future.