Casinos and Entertainment Venues

Whether you operate a casino or other gaming facility or another entertainment venue such as a sports stadium, you are responsible for the safety of hundreds or maybe even thousands or tens of thousands of patrons who come to have a good time. Unfortunately from time to time a few of those patrons get upset or angry either at staff or at other patrons, and situations like that can quickly escalate into a significant disturbance, especially when there are a lot of people concentrated in a relatively small area. Such disturbances are never good for your business!

Both management, front-line employees, and security staff will greatly benefit from the verbal communication skills and techniques that Verbal Judo offers. Simply communication with others in a professional manner will reduce potential conflict before it even starts, and being able to verbally de-escalate a volatile situation before it has the opportunity to erupt into physical violence is an essential tool for the safety of your staff and patrons, as well as being invaluable in reducing your facility’s financial liability from someone being injured. On top of that, handling these situations with the professionalism that Verbal Judo teaches will highlight your company’s exceptionalism, and your patrons (and others) will notice!