The Art of the Apology: Five rules for a return to civility

None of us are immune to a slip of the tongue, and the changes grow greater during the over stimulation and stress of the holidays.

Here’s a quick tip for you.

The Art of the Apology: Five rules for a return to civility

1. Be sincere, and sound like it. We may have the right to be angry; we just do not have the right to be rude. Control your tone of voice. Be positive, not condescending.
2. Be timely. Do it quickly (ASAP). The longer we wait the larger the crow we must eat and swallow.
3. Be public with it, if necessary. If others heard the outburst then they need to hear your regret, too.
4. Be specific. Apologize for exactly what you have damaged: a lack of patience; a wrongful accusation; for your tone; for their feelings.
5. Set the expectation for better behavior. A recognized weakness is the foundation to building strength. It creates accountability, which is necessary or change.

The holidays are about celebration. We celebrate family and friends because there was something in our character people believed to be good and worthy of their belief in us. Let us be worthy again and in the future.
— Lee Fjelstad

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