Verbal Judo programs are delivered on site with One-Day and Two-Day training sessions and shorter conference sessions.  For the civilian market we also offer Half-Day, Full-Day and longer programs, or Keynote speeches and Break-Out sessions of whatever time length needed.

Verbal Judo offers a variety of training programs that are tailored for each profession. The principles and tactics taught enable participants to better use appropriate “Presence and Words” to calm difficult people who may be under severe emotional or other influences and perform professionally under conditions which could otherwise become catastrophic.

Professionals know they must be mentally flexible to handle all the situations that come up in a typical day. They understand how to use words as a tool rather than as a weapon. And they keep focused on the goal of each encounter. To be successful we must be able to read people and situations as opportunities for progress, taking appropriate action for each event without letting our personal feelings sabotage the results we need.

Verbal Judo teaches the skills necessary to remain centered and focused during any verbal circumstance. You will learn to redirect behavior rather than react to a person’s attitude, diffuse difficult situations with proven tactics and strategies, and generate voluntary compliance from people not on their best behavior. Although people may not always like what they have to do, they will understand the need to be cooperative.

With employees, peers, citizens, or even family members, Verbal Judo will give you the edge in any encounter, increasing the value of your organization and the quality of your life.

Welcome to Verbal Judo, where work doesn’t have to be another four-letter word.

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