Verbal Judo Training is an opportunity for organizations, departments, schools and families to learn life changing skills to prevent potential conflicts from escalating out of control.

The Verbal Judo Institute has 32 years of successfully training and teaching tactical communications to a broad spectrum of clients.

The negative influence of stress on communications is pervasive and as a result, Verbal Judo training is applicable to any and all organizations.

It is critical that any and all organizations with direct client contact, whether it be police working the streets, teachers in the class room, first responders, customer service, utility workers or management positions, have the tools they need to increase of positive outcomes therefore keeping complaints to a minimum.

When personnel are tactically trained, the environment in which they work improves and threat of conflict, violence and litigation is greatly reduced. Verbal Judo benefits are not just limited to the workplace but extend to one’s personal life by having necessary skills to deal with difficult situations that can arise at home as well as in your personal life.

Verbal Judo is a proven methodology founded and created by Dr. George Thompson 32 years ago. If cops can use it on the streets with great success, then professionals can use it in the work place with great success and families can use it at home with their loved ones.

“Treat people well, regardless of their differences.” – Dr. George Thompson